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Wide lens purchase


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Looking for a wide angle lens . currently using the olympus15mm. However I'd like something with a variable aperture. There is a weight  constraint. I have bought a crane m2 it can stabilise 720 grams the em10 comes in at 390 grams I think. So I have 330 grams to play with. Type of lens doesn't really bother me vintage or modern. Something modern might be lighter and be easier to use if it works on the camera and can be controlled from the gimbal. Any suggestions ?


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Got my eye on an OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17MM F/1.8 LENS. Weight wise it comes in at 120 grams well within my constraints. Its digital so throwing it on the camera and then the gimbal should allow auto focus through gimbal or phone app as I understand it. Being mft i should be able use it on the p4k as well I presume. Any thoughts ? Has anyone else owned one ? All my other lenses have been vintage lenses and no communication with the  camera. So its all a new learning expirence I guess.

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Actually ended up buying the olympus 12mm f2. Gave it a bit of a test  run in the shop, poked it out the window took a few shots. Looking forward to picking it up in a week or two. I think it weighs about 130 grams so still inside the weight constraints. 

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