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Frame-rates confusion in S&Q mode Alpha camera


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Hi, quick story short I've footage from Alpha A7S iii that was filmed in slowmotion S&Q mode in 120p (119.88) but the camera converted to 60p(59.97)fps

My timeline is 23.976 I've interpolated my footage from 59.97 to 23.976

Does this make it 180fps? (179.82) ?

again sorry if this has been asked before just tried searching nothing came up

Thank you in advance.


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If no frames were discarded in any of the frame rate changes, the end result is identical to slowing down 119.88 fps footage to 23.976 fps.


However, it sounds like your NLE may have converted 59.97 fps to 23.976 fps without changing the speed of the content.  In that case, your apparent slowing would be just 1/2 of normal speed -- equivalent to running 119.88 fps footage at 59.97 fps.

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No, it is 120fps.

If you play back the 60p file, it will be at 50% of real-time speed. 

If you interpret it to 23.976 fps then it will play back at 20% of real-time speed.

Not sure about the a7sIII but many cameras let you choose what the files get saved as - so if you don't want to interpret the footage every time you import it, you might be able to set the internal file to record at 23.976.

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