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panasonic gh2 lens adapter and aperture


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Hi Guys! I have just bought a panasonic gh2 and I have purchased the eoshd's guide. It says that the gh2 is compatible with a huge number of different lenses through an adapter but also that it's impossible to regulate the aperture on the camera if the lenses are not panasonic ones. Does it mean that I have , for example using canon lenses, to regulate the aperture on a canon camera and change it on it every time before putting the lens on my panasonic?Am I right? Isn't it a big drawback? what if i don't have  acanon camera?How do I set the change the aperture?? I think I did not get something cause it doesn't make sense and I'm pretty confused!

Thanks for your help!

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you can use all manual focus manual apperture lenses on a GH2 with an adaptor - no issues they work fine


BUT if you want to use a Canon EF lens with electronic control of the apperture it will NOT work on a GH2

there is no way to electroniclly open and close the apperture - it will focus manually all ok


So you can use a Canon camera stop down the canon lens to say f5.6 take the lens off the canon camera while it is turned on then the apperture will remain at f5.6 on your canon lens.

Then using a EF- Micro 4/3 adaptor yiu can put this lens on your GH2


it works but I never do it as its too time consuming - so Build up a set of lenses that will work just on your GH2

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