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IQ of Nikon z6 DX (crop) mode 4k - binning, skipping?

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I'm considering getting a z6 with a FTZ adapter (or a a7iii, though that Nikon glass, FTZ adapter and 10-bit out tho!), and trying to get info on what exactly is happening in 4k video in crop mode.

Details are clear re FX (full frame) 4k, using full sensor, and that DX is a crop at 4k, yet video comparisons of FX vs DX 4k are slim pickings (all I've found is [see halfway]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjLp6l1IGXQ [which does look good btw]), and is it a full 3840 crop for 4k? Higher? Is it less sharp than FX? The above is only evidence.

Also, so much has improved after firmware 3.0, has this? (Official release notes say nothing, nor of other improvements they added, go figure).

Can anyone speak with authority, or ideally point to video examples with the FTZ adapter, with DX or z50 lenses?

To add some other caveats I've come across:

  • The z50 lenses are the only native z mount lenses (tho crop) with stab. Can only presume z6 works with both IBIS and camera, but unsure.
  • No way to manually specify FF on crop lenses - given that not all will vignette, and some minimally, this is almost a deal breaker. Most, but not all, crop lenses will auto force crop mode. One report (rumour?) of this being disabled by half turning off FTZ adapter, which fixes arpeture. 
  • No 120fps HD in Crop mode (fixed in 3.0? Maybe?).
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