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The most leaked ever product (in the sound department) is now officially announced: Wisycom MCR54 (quad channel receiver in a SuperSlot form factor!)


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Don't think I've ever recently seen a product for the sound department get leaked so much before the manufacturer even says anything officially about it, there has been lots of chatter already about the Wisycom MCR54 on social media! As this a major new announcement, the first time ever that four channels of wireless has been squeezed into a SuperSlot receiver. (true diversity too, that's eight receiver boards crammed into there!! And all that only uses at max 2.5W) 

The pricing is cheaper than expected:


£2,880.00 inc VAT (£2,400.00 exc VAT)
Maaaybe this means it will come in just slightly under US$3K in the USA?


£6,360.00 inc VAT (£5,300.00 exc VAT) for a kit. 

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Bit different topic to Wisycom, but still stay relevant to the general topic of "professional wireless" so thought I'd post it here rather than making a new thread. 

As WOW! This seems like an unprecedented move for two wireless companies to collaborate, each using their own strengths to bring us something great.

This is it. Like Microsoft entering in after years of Sega, Nintendo, and Sony going at it.



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