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RECOS: LED Ring light Chandeliers w/ high CRI

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Saw one at a friends apartment the other day and really loved the way it lit the people sitting at their table, which was also round... and seemed to be the perfect light for a roundtable series I've always wanted to produce.

But the one at the link has no light/color quality specs --- so wondering if anyone has experience using this one or variations of this type of fixture that they could recommend?

Also, all the eps for this series would be shot at one person's house, so the fixture would likely permanently replace the current light hanging over their dining table.

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12 hours ago, androidlad said:

Those ones have CRI between 70-80, enough for residential lighting. If you want cinema/broadcast quality CRI, you can replace the LED ribbon inside it with a high CRI, daylight balanced one.

Oh ok didn't realize they could be switched out, thx!

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