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Getting VashiMorphic40 to work

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Has anyone played with the VashiMorphic40 template for AE to anamorphake it? I'm a complete rookie with AE, so I'm not sure why it's not working for me. The template doesn't come with a lot of instructions, but I think I've followed them correctly. I import my footage into AE, and then drag onto the Your Footage layer using the ALT drag method. I can see my clip under the black bars, but I don't know how to make the bars disappear and the transformation to work. If I just render it out, I've got my footage with black bars over it. I'm guessing that I'm missing a simple step that AE experts do without even thinking about it, which is why it's not listed in the instructions on the Vashi Visuals page.  

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23 hours ago, Tito Ferradans said:

If you could post screenshots, things would be easier to understand! I do a lot of AE and I don't remember having an issue with this template. :)

Also, VashiMorphic is cool, but I have a lot more post tutorials in my guide: www.anamorfakeit.com

Thanks for chiming in, Tito. Turns out I was right, it was a super simple instruction that the maker simply forgot to include: turn off the sample black bars layer. The effect is a bit subtle and I know you have a lot  more tricks up your sleeve, how could you not. ;-). I've seen your videos on anamorphake filters, etc. I'm working with some pre-shot concert footage, so lens filter won't help. I need software only solutions. Trying to spice up the video by cutting between different versions of shots from the same camera/angle because we had some technical difficulties that took out the second camera for portions of the concert.


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