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V-Mount Batteries


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Which are the best or affordable batteries and chargers for V-Mounts?

1. for using on lights (Aputure 300di/120dii,, forza 300/500, fotodiox factor prizmo 150/300, intellytech 160, arri s60c)

2. for charging cine cameras(Red, Canon c200/500, Alexa mini,) and mirrorless (S1H, ...)

I understand that each light or camera need's specific voltage, that's why for some lights it should be this one for the others that one...,

but you can suggest such a versions which will work good on any lights and cameras for long time.

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2 hours ago, KC Kelly said:

All V-mount and Gold-mount batteries are expensive, and if you want run lights, or power hungry cameras then you need the bigger, heavy duty batteries.  You will most likely spend over $1000 USD to get even a modest package of two batteries, with a charger.  

I got it, so which one you can advise (2 batteries with a charger)?

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Only you can determine what you need.  How many volts does your equipment require?  

Are you powering a camera, monitor, FIZ units, other accessories? What is the total amps you need? How long do you want the batteries to last?

Two Blueshape 190 HD Plus, with Dual V-mount 6A Travel Charger might work for you.

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