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Anamorphic Single Focus Wide Angle

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I am looking for a solution to go wider on my Anamorphic setup. I did some tests with BMPCC 4k, Speedbooster 0.71, 50mm Taking lens, Isco Ultra Star and a Rapido 16A. I tried to mount a Wide Angle Adapter (Century Optics 0.6 Sony EX1) infront but i cannot get a sharp image out of it. Its completely Blurry. I tried to counter balance it with +4 Diopter (Canon 250D), but its still not possible to focus on anything. As far as my understanding goes the Variable strength Diopter and the Wide Angle Adapter put the focus past infinity so that nothing can be in focus.

Now to my question, is just an issue with my Wide Angle adapter or is no Wide Angle Adapter going to work?

If so is there anyway of building a setup which is wider than the roughly 45mm (horizontal) focal length. A appreciate any help. I remember reading something on this Forum about using Wideangle adapters but it said nothing about Variable Strength Diopters and Blurry Images.

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Every part of the whole setup contributes to vignetting.

But I'd posit that ISCO has the least impact on it.
Single focus solution definitely plays a bigger part here.

I know FVD-35A costs a lot, that it's bulky, etc. - but it's your best bet if you want to go wider. It's also a good time to ask yourself if you really need to.

Kowa B&H allows to use shorter focal lengths without vignetting - but it's difficult to buy one in a good shape and pay less than 1000$.

Eventually, if everything above fails / does not fit your budget, you can try shortening ISCO by having it cut with a lathe. This will enable you to put FVD-16A a bit closer to ISCO's front glass and may help with vignetting.
I wouldn't expect wonders, though.

Have you considered going anamorfake for this particular shot?

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