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Good MFT Lens to start with?

Henry Gentles

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Andy, thanks ! I just ordered the RJ adapter with built in iris, it sharpens up the 18mm apparently and I need deeper focus for steadicam work. You don't happen to have this adapter ? If by any chance you do, does it sharpen up the 20-40 too ? If so, it might be a little more usable as an all-purpose lens.

I have 2 sizes of small plastic washers I blu tack onto the rear of the lens to stop it down to approx f5.6 and f11

yes it does sharped up the lens alot - I also have ND4s to add on the front for outside work.


this process works for any of the Pentax 110 series lenses ,

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yes the back of the lens not the adaptor ,


I took an e cigarette and removed the plastic end that the vapor goes through , its a plastic disc with a 2mm hole in it , this is my f11

I went to the hardware shop and found some tiny plastic washers these are my f5.6

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its is a very very sharp little lens - I got mine very cheap on the front of a panasonic gf2 camera that went cheap on ebay sold all in with lens

have a look at  gf1s , gf2s and gf3s as they are sold on ebay with the lens for sometimes under $100 !!! - and you get a free camera with it too!! haha!

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