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Is the Olympus 12-40 any good?


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I've been reading a lot of reviews about it, but there's just one problem.


None of the reviews used a GH2/GH3 with the lens. They're all using Olympus cams with it.


My concern is that the distortion will be AWFUL with a GH2/GH3 because it doesn't have built in correction like the latest Olympus cams do.


Can anybody confirm or prove this? How does the lens fare with the GH2/GH3?



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I asked the same question on DP Review where I got lots of responses: http://***URL removed***/forums/post/52639253. If this link does not work, its under the Micro Four Thirds forum, called " Panny 12-35/2.8 versus Oly 12-40/2.8". I decided to go with the Panny because its the same brand as my GH2/3, but its really six of one, half a dozen of the other for many people.

As far as questions like this, DP Review will give you many times more feedback than EOSHD, possibly because there are a lot more people on it.

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I just got a GX7, and I have the 12-40mm on backorder. In the meantime I'm using the Olympus 17mm and I'm quite pleased. The autofocus is very good, and the lens produces nice sharp images. I'll report back on the zoom once I receive it.

As for shakiness, yes that's always an issue, but I'm hoping the GX7 in-camera stabilization will be enabled for video in a future firmware update. In the meantime I'm just relying on old fashioned technique, just like the old days. Adding weight to the camera is another thing I might do, just do dampen those lightweight camera jitters and bumps.

It's good to know there are decent stabilized lens options out there, too, if necessary.

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