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Musicvideo shot in A7iii and Atomos


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check out this little video i shot for german based band Trebor.

Shot on A7iii and Atomos. Surprisingly the material from the a7iii looks a bit different than the one from the atomos. Light was changing heavily throughout the shoot ( big windows) so it was kind of hard to keep the light consistent. I could set up a light for the close ups. 



P.S.: Of course the band would be very happy if you could leave a like or a comment...

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I love it! I had to use google translate on the lyrics. The tune is very catchy, and I love the visual gag of being a a wheel in the system along with those gymnastic wheels. It's very engaging, both as a song and a video. The video clearly does a lot with very little, just a couple great performers, a gymnasium, and an eccentric collection of props.

This is those projects where Sony's legendary zombie skin tones really worked for the story, they really melted into the colors of the floor. What difference did you see between the Atomos material and the native videos?

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Thank you!

Somehow the Atomos picture had a little more contrast. Easy to fix in grading but in the first moment i put it in Premiere i thought: wow, the atomos stuff looks much crispier... 

Sony Skin tones are a thing - i am still looking for a way to give them a natural feeling.

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