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SOUND DEVICES 833 (the "Scorpio Micro" or "Sound Devices 633 mk2")


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On 10/22/2019 at 11:52 PM, docmoore said:

For me it may be a future need but at present is not so I may be best served by a Mixpre 10 II or Zoom F8n

Are you full time (or close ish to it) working as a Sound Recordist? Then get a Sound Devices 833 or Zaxcom Nova. Or maaaybe a Sonosax SX-R4+ (or maaaaaybe a secondhand 633 if on a tight budget)

If you're not, and just dabbling in sound, then a Zoom F8n or MixPre6 Gen2 would still be an *awesome* choice to go with!


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Sound Devices Announces the 888 Portable Production Mixer:




There's a helpful 8-series comparison chart here for the key differences between the 833, 888, and Scorpio:



Pricing for the 888 is $6995 which as you might expect fits between the $3995 for the 833 and the $8995 for the Scorpio.

There are a few ways to look at the 888:
1) a much more expensive 833, with an extra fader (and an extra XLR input), plus also DANTE
2) a cut priced bargain Scorpio!


My personal take is that I am VERY surprised that Sound Devices announced a recorder in between the 833 and Scorpio! Do I feel bad about making the "wrong" choice? Nope!

Just look at these specs of the 888 vs 833:

1.83kg vs 1.25kg! :-o

That is a 50% difference, I'll take the lighter bag please.

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