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Stanley Hsu

Rectimascop 48/2x II

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Found this Rectimascop 48/2x II on eBay for a very small price and finally got some time to play with it on the GH3. I noticed that from the pictures I see online, most of the Rectimascop 48/2x lenses have a minimum focus distance mark at 6 meters. This "II" version I got has a 3 meter mark. Hopefully I'll get another chance to test more with the minimum focus.


As the lens makes the setup very front heavy, I used the Skier O-ring Rig's adjustable handle to get the right balance point on the 15mm rods. 


More in my blog: http://goo.gl/Vei5i8







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Nice footage.


I also use the Skier O-Ring rig. It's perfect for this kind of work, and will work on just about any camera.


Thank you! The O-Ring does work nicely for this kind of work. I wish the adjustable height range of the O-ring and the camera base can be longer. In this picture http://instagram.com/p/ZjoF0TBREW/ the O-ring is set on it's lowest position but it's still touching the lens. The other thing I wish to be better is the camera plate. The camera would still twist no matter how tight I screw the plate. The two small metal stopper just isn't practical for flip-out lcd. Other than these I think it's a very good quality rig.



Very nice. Any disadvantages other than the weight? What was your taking lens? Saw 50mm on the vimeo page. How wide can you go with the anamorphic?


With the handle, the weight helps with stabilizing handheld shots a bit. Not entirely a disadvantage. I think the most difficult part is focusing and keeping the lens orientation correct. The focus ring is quite stiff on my lens. When I rotate the ring, it sometimes unscrewed the clamp or slipped within with clamp (I used the vid-atlantic lens clamp). The other thing is the lack of front filer mounting ability. It has a huge front diameter so a custom-made solution for filters is required. On the GH2 and GH3, 50mm is about the limit, anything wider than 50mm will give unusable vignette.

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