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Pixapro LED100 MK III Light. Anybody own it?


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Looking for a key light and can't afford the Aputure 120D Mark II. Already have a godox sl-60w which I quite like but a bit noisy and I came across the Pixapro LED100D MK III Light for 350 pounds. Also comes in bi-color. 

Anyone have experience with this light or Pixapro as a brand? Find very few reviews on their products.

Their light on paper even beats the 120D Mark II (https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/blog/post/led100d-mkiii-vs-aputure-120d-ii/) which aint bad for half the price.

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I have the pixapro LED 100D Mark II+, I have used it extensively for years, which I originally stumbled on for the same reasons, back when I too could not afford aputure but wanted a solid light. 

Short answer, it's great! 

High CRI, good looking light. Certainly not as many bells and whistles as aputure, such as no remote, no carrying case, certainly a less engineered product, the yoke isn't the greatest, but bang-for-buck, Pixapro is fantastic. Earlier this week I mixed and matched my LED 100D Mkii on the same shoot alongside an aputure 120dii and they get along just fine. 

Don't forget about the modifiers from pixapro either! I really love my beautiful 150cm octabox, it's massive and puts out such a beautiful quality of light — and is faster and easier to set up than Aputure's light domes!

But yeah, you can't really go wrong, it's metal, build quality has stood the test of time for me, light is great, save yourself some money! 

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