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Best Accessories for the BMPCC?


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I'm an editor and I've been looking at getting my own gear for a while, and the BMPCC seems like the best deal around. Ideally I'd like like to rig it to a stabilization rig (I'm not a fan of tripod shots) - be it a shoulder rig or possibly the Defy Gimbal G2 (which is about $2200). I'd also love to get an eyepiece, a follow focus accessory piece, and a shotgun mic mounted on for audio. I'd also need to purchase lenses, and possibly the Speed Booster if I use an EF lens? Ideally I wouldn't want to spend more than $4k at the most, including everything. 


Is this budget realistic? Which pieces are recommended/best value for money?




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I honestly think that I don't understand your post. :) Sensor size vs. stability? I see no connection.


Crop factor of the sensor makes the effective focal length of any lens much longer. For example, a Canon 50mm 1.4 will have an effective focal length of 140mm ish on the pocket camera. The longer the effective focal length, the more zoom, and the more stabilization becomes essential.


Think about a powerful telescope. If you rotate it even a fraction of a degree, then nothing that was in your original frame will be in your new frame.


Look at the new footage that came out a couple of weeks ago, almost all of that stuff was shot with a glide-cam or mono-pod for a reason.

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Well, I guess it was obvious that you will have to use different glass with the Pocket, especially if you want to have a decent wide angle. There are plenty of options for this sensor size, basically you can get every important focal length already, and I reckon we will have more options once the camera is out.

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People have been putting stills lenses on cameras like the Canon XL series, JVC HD*** which have tiny sensors and still getting good results.


That's a different lens mount.


The iPhone has a tiny sensor, but it's stable enough because it has a tiny bubble lens which gives a decently wide angle.

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hey @svenn,


i don't think your budget is unrealistic, as long as you're willing to compromise with a few things.

ready-made rigs are usually very expensive (most are overpriced, in my opinion).


i'm a documentary cinematographer - which means i have to be extremely dynamic with my equipment (both video and audio) - and therefore do not use tripod's either.

since everyone has different tastes for equipment, i'm just going to share with you my current set-up as well as the one that is in pre-order in B&H. maybe it can give you a few ideas.


- GH3 (BMPCC in pre-order);

- Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 (Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95 ordered to achieve the same 50mm equiv. field of view and still a good amount of shallow depth of field);

- Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 (Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 in pre-order + Metabones Speed Booster for Nikon F/G Mount, which will give the BMPCC an equiv. 37-72mm field of view and an f/1.3 [and T1.3!] aperture);

- 7 Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I 32GB cards (7 Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I 64GB cards ordered to cope with the BMPCC ProRes files - I don't plan on using the RAW ability very often);

- 3 Pany GH3 batteries (4 Nikon EN-EL20 batteries to cope with the BMPCC greater hunger for power);

- Rode VideoMic Pro + Rycote Deadcat (way better than the tiny hole on the BMPCC);

- (ViewFactor's Contineo BMPC Cage with the Wood Front Grip - for protecting the BMPCC and having more mounting holes);

- Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3.0X for 3.2" Screens (this is the only item I'm still unsure will work well - 1st because the BMPCC's screen is 3.5" and 2nd because maybe the mounting plate won't fit the BMPCC too well [and that's partially why I'm getting the cage] - the viewfinder/magnifier makes all the difference though, especially in regards to being able to focus with precision, blocking sunlight, and creating one more point of contact with your body for stabilization purposes);

- Manfrotto 701HDV head + Joby Gorillapod Focus (this is where there's most room for creativity - not saying that this is the ideal rig for everyone, but it certainly suit us pretty well - it's inexpensive, extremely flexible and dynamic, robust and durable, relatively light, and QUITE comfortable when you adjust it properly) - (in case it isn't obvious already, what we do is use two of the Gorillapod's legs for support on each shoulder and the third leg we stretch it parallel to the lens and bend the tip perpendicular to the lens so it serves as a grip - the Focus is pretty sturdy with it's metal parts, won't bend while holding the system, and in conjunction with the viewfinder creates a pretty stable system [as long as you're not going for more than 120mm or so]).


so, this system works quite well for our GH3 setup's and I'm pretty sure it will work even better for the BMPCC. like I said - it isn't ideal for everyone - but if you add all the components up you can get it for a bit more than your budget (in order, all new, estimated prices in USD: 1000 + 1150 + 800 + 450 + 120*7 + 38*4 (+ 35 for an extra charger) + 280 + 140 + 370 + 160 + 100 = 5500.


of course you can go with only one set of lenses (ditch the Voigtlander and your whole cost gost down to 4300), and I'm sure you can find some nice deals of used stuff or you might have some accessories yourself already.


hope this helps!



PS: if you want to add a followfocus, the Viewfactor cage will add, for 150 USD more, a bottom riser block and a couple of 15mm rods, and there are a bunch of ff's in B&H and Ebay for good prices (150 - 400 USD I would say).

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- 3 Pany GH3 batteries (4 Nikon EN-EL20 batteries to cope with the BMPCC greater hunger for power);


I can get through entire days on the GH3 with 1-2 batteries. You're going to want more than 4 Nikons for the BMPCC though, that'll get you through 2-4 hours of shooting. The BMPCC is an insane battery vampire - you can literally watch the percentage dripping away percent by percent.

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For EVF,

there is no perfect fit to the 3.5" screen without modification yet, Zacuto and Kinotehnik are both making one which should be available soon.


In the meantime, a user on BMCuser had successfully using Hoodman Loupe 3.0 + Hood Riser HRS4 + rubber band to cover the screen.






For stablisation, there are a few rigs for stabilisation I had been eyeing for, 


Zacuto Marauder/Enforcer which Philip Bloom had been using in his latest pocket venice videos, its foldable and seems to provide good support, its pricy though.



Edelkrone also make a pocket rig, aiming at smaller cameras, you can also buy their focus pulling kit too.



There is also Stealth by Varizoom, an all in one rig for small camera.


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Thought i'd chime in, as have been wondering the same.


Are you guys aware of the Varavon multi-finder? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/903410-REG/varavon_vamf_uniset_multi_finder_uni_set.html

It's specs list it as 3.5". 


Varavon makes good gear, i'd rate this above the LCDVF definitely, tho I have no experience with carryspeed gear.





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Hi Svenn, 


I recommend getting the Tilta rig - it's stylish and rock solid. Wrote a review of the bmpcc cage / armor / top handle here 


For $320, I was impressed by the quality and will get a follow focus to complement as well as their shoulder mount. I also want to get their wooden hand grip but not sure how to add that to the rig (need a rosette bracket)


Another accessory that I'm looking at is the Atomos ninja 2 as a monitor. Bigger screen, plenty of resolution, focus peaking etc. and I'm all set.

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Having had my PCC for a couple of weeks now I would say the first acc's to lay your hands on are
1) SanDisk Extreme Pro cards if you're going to shoot RAW
2) lots's of batteries, and probably most important if you shoot outside a lot is
3) plenty of ND filters

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