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Massive Attack v Adam Curtis hybrid film-gig in Manchester

Andrew Reid

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Massive Attack venue, Manchester

BBC documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis is showing his latest film this week at the Manchester International Festival in the UK. Massive Attack provided a live sound track.

I was there and although I don't usually review films on EOSHD this occasion warrants a few words.

[url=http://www.eoshd.com/content/10769/massive-attack-v-adam-curtis-joint-film-gig-in-manchester]Read the full article here[/url]
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I saw it and I tried to get up and get a glass of water, but I couldn't get my eyes unglued. You are right, this is not something you can pay attention to 90%, but it needs your full attention. I applaud you Andrew for posting this.  My crew and I in DC are very aware of these topics, Ayn Rand, Cato Institute, the warnings of those that have come before us and where we are heading. I will not get into politics as this is not the forum for it. As a documentary filmmaker, this is very interesting.  Ah yes, the 3d goggles and gimmicks, to me I feel these are bread and circus for the audiences around the globe.  I agree with you that they are simply gimmicks.


As for the content, I will say this, I'm extremely impressed that he has found a way to bypass being pigenholed as a "liberal" or a "conservative."  He just calls it like it is without making me feel like he has an agenda. This is EXTREMELY difficult especially when talking about history and world events.  It's to me one of the most difficult things to do when dealing with real world politics and effects on humanity. How do you leave your opinion out while being the filmmaker? How do you narrate the story in such a way that draws the audience in without making them feel like you want to sway their opinion about a particular figure? He lumped big government into one category which is what should be done in today's world, rather than choosing between a two party paradigm created by these very same people to keep the public at bay. 


Anyway, thanks again for your breakdown. Loving your blog man!


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I wish I could attend!

For 10 years, I've been part of a music band using images projection triggered live by some sort of pictures-ician and I'd have been very interested to live this Curtis v Massiv Attack experience.


i've personnally experienced moments of total creative immersion using both sounds and image that I've never managed to live with sound only. On the other hand, I've also noticed that the audience need room to breathe, to make their own film or soundtrack.

Too much information to process simultaneously is sometimes and somehow interferring with our inner poetry stream. Or at least over-riding it, which is not something I find desirable.

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Dude, I was there too, I went up especially for it, had I known I would have given you a shout!


Definitely in the vein of Koyaanisqatsi... apocalyptic and amazing...


Shit! What day were you there? They are bringing it to Germany next, then New York. I'm hoping they put the film out and sound track too, though a lot of the film was from Adam Curtis's previous work. Like the Soviet punk sequence -




Thought-provoking, if undancable. Did you notice how confused some of the lager swilling mancs looked? :)

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