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Benjamin Wozniak

600d vs NEX-5n

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I'm sick and tired of waiting for new rebel ( 650d ) so i will go next week and buy a DSLR.
Main reason why i want a DSLR is obviously for shooting video ( short movies with my friends ; combining 3D and "real life " footage and so on ).

Reasons why i want
Canon 600D / Rebel t3i:
- lens choices and lens prices ( i will buy it with kit lens for shooting stills and Canon 50mm f1.8 for video )
- Viewfinder ( i wanna start with amateur photography and i think this will help me )
- Magic Lantern / CineStyle ( one of the biggest pro's over NEX-5N )
- Larger body ( i have big hands )

- 1080p/60p
- 10fps stills ( i dont think i will shoot sports but this is a nice feature )
- 50mm f1.8 lens for E-mount have OSS , so it's a plus
- adapters ; i can buy nikon lens ( manual aperture ) and nikon adapter and use it for video ( they are much cheeper than Sony's 1.8 for E-mount )
- 1.5x crop over canons 1.6x ( not big difference but still... )
- this video really blow my mind so :

If u have any suggestions i would really appreciate them.


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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
This is coming from a 5N user...
- It overheats easily in my experience
- Less moire and aliasing compared to Canon?
- It doesn't have cinestyle but there's a picture profile many people use to achieve something similar: [url=http://www.eoshd.com/content/3995/optimising-the-sony-nex-5n-for-cinematic-video]http://www.eoshd.com/content/3995/optimising-the-sony-nex-5n-for-cinematic-video[/url]
- Cheaper
- No microphone input
- No cold shoe mount
- In terms of body size, I always use a pistol grip or rig it up anyway. It really is too tiny to hold.

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Hi. I'm also a 5n user and have only handled Canon's in-store.

Depends upon the shooting but I am approaching video as a compilation of many short shots. Hence, lot's of shorter segments of recording and I have never experienced overheating problems with the 5n. That could be different for you depending...

Very little moire and aliasing but cannot directly compare to Canon.

Cheaper, yes, and I purchased a pricy cold-shoe mount from j-tech and that has been super helpful on many occasions.

Lack of mic input is a pain. That said, I am getting better audio with a shotgun into an external recorder than I would an external mic into the camera. Syncing is an other step.

Form-factor: I found the 550/600D too small for me also in the form factor (I like the 60D) and ed_lee is right, when I'm shooting video, I almost always have some form of stabilization going on, trying to get my hands off the camera itself. Very susceptible to shake without stabilized lenses.

That said, I have three FD lenses and the Sony 16mm and I'm thrilled with what I can produce.

I at times miss the viewfinder when I want to compose a static shot, but for video I would minimally have the LCD Viewfinder for either camera. I have it for the 5n - more stability.

60p conformed to 24p is awesome!

Magic Lantern looks awesome! I am truly envious of that or something similar, but there is no assurance that they didn't "7D" the upcoming 650D and make it harder/impossible to hack. No one knows yet.

No lens that you put on a 650D you cannot put on a Nex, especially with this new Metabones adapter, plus you can put a million lenses on the 5n you cannot on the Canon, including Canon FD lenses. I am also curious about the Sony 50/1.8 because it would be helpful to have something not so sensitive to handling movement.

I am not even pushing for the 5n here. Just a lot more experience with it. It has not limited me for my style of shooting yet.

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:D  It doesn't really matter which one you get, neither will make you better- that is completely up to you. The viewfinder for photography is essential and the screen swivel is better on 600D.  Both take good video, but I've seen lots of awful video from both (some of it which i've shot)
  I hate the 5n ergonomics, but you'll find that you are holding the lens more than the body so if you own or use big lenses not a big deal.
  It sounds as if you don't own any lenses so the 600 is better because Sony does not offer many good lenses and you will have to go legacy most likely, and why do that unless you love the idea or already have some?
  I do dislike buying Canon though because they have the least amount of bells and whistles and more importantly the lenses only work on Canon which my hippie/yuppy blood hates and thinks is stupid.  You get stuck with one system, whereas Nikon glass lets me work on almost anything- but I almost never use autofocus, only like 3% of the time, even when filming my daughter or other small critters.  Also most of those cheap Canon lenses are almost impossible to rack focus with, such as the nifty fifty.  It's possible, but stupid hard and you will laugh at yourself for trying so hard.   
    I suggest the GH2 if you haven't looked at that option.  It won't overheat and m4/3 lenses are really great.  Some ppl critique it for bad high ISO performance and not having shallow enough d.o.f.  Whoo ha, it stomps the 500 in ISO performance (haven't used 600 and Nex's are better but really, who goes around shooting at 6000 ISO, i never have needed to) and they have very pleasant depth of field.
  Go out and try them before buying.   

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