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  1. I'm sick and tired of waiting for new rebel ( 650d ) so i will go next week and buy a DSLR. Main reason why i want a DSLR is obviously for shooting video ( short movies with my friends ; combining 3D and "real life " footage and so on ). Reasons why i want Canon 600D / Rebel t3i: - lens choices and lens prices ( i will buy it with kit lens for shooting stills and Canon 50mm f1.8 for video ) - Viewfinder ( i wanna start with amateur photography and i think this will help me ) - Magic Lantern / CineStyle ( one of the biggest pro's over NEX-5N ) - Larger body ( i have big hands ) NEX-5N - 1080p/60p - 10fps stills ( i dont think i will shoot sports but this is a nice feature ) - 50mm f1.8 lens for E-mount have OSS , so it's a plus - adapters ; i can buy nikon lens ( manual aperture ) and nikon adapter and use it for video ( they are much cheeper than Sony's 1.8 for E-mount ) - 1.5x crop over canons 1.6x ( not big difference but still... ) - this video really blow my mind so : https://vimeo.com/31349130 If u have any suggestions i would really appreciate them. ty!
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