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Correct-fair price for Anamorphic


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I'm selling two lenses:

Panasonic LA7200

Bolex anamorphot 8-19-1.5x


i know bolex is really rare, so my selling price would be near 1500 euro is it correct fair?

Panasonic isn't as rare as bolex so i thought 1000 is ok... Do you think is it possible to make a typical selling price for mint object?


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It all depends what people are willing to pay I suppose! To me all these prices seem mental, they weren't that expensive a short while ago, they don't seem to rare as they're always on ebay and even when they cheaper they seemed like a hassle to use to me! But I'm probably not the best person to answer so perhaps I should be quiet!


If in doubt you could ebay at 99p start and let the market decide over 10-day auction. That way you'll get what it's actually worth and guarantee a sale

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