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I hope you all don't mind if I ask a question. I have lots of camera gear (2011 Canon T2i Filmmaking DSLR gear), but just little to no money and the motivation to make movies is maybe very low where I am from. I also don't have a car to drive off into a different area to find other passionate filmmakers. My family and friends I think are more passionate about the military, blue collar, and retail jobs than making movies. How do I find passionate filmmakers and receive the proper people skills it can take to have a successful fresh young start as a director like some of you all would?

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I'm from Michigan, rust belt central.  Lots of folks just okay with being and not really eager to do much outside of their normal. 

I suffered the same dilemma back during my 20's. 

You basically have to lead the way and pull other people along.  When you find the colleagues that are eager to help, you embrace them and make them integral to the process.  The people that are lazy or just not engaged, just flat out ignore them.  Be harsh about it.  Don't indulge folks that don't deserve it. 

You may find that the most creative charismatic people are lazy as shit.  That happens.  Hard workers are more important.  Get people willing and able to make things a reality, anyone else is not going to be ultimately helpful.

The best thing that could happen for you is to search out or hook up with someone more talented and ambitious than you.  If that happens, try your best to keep up.



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