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The big random lens shootout


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Its less pronounced in this test but the black area above the arm of the chair shows milkier to my eye.

If you put an eye dropper on those areas in photoshop you can see the r,g,b levels rising between f3.5 and f8.

Interestingly though, the r,g,b levels do rise together (i.e. 0,0,0 from the border to 13,13,13 in the f8 shot) whereas if you do the same with the Super Takumar you will see how it is more biased in the red channel in those areas.

Anyway, as I say, its far less pronounced in this shot so we've probably both wasted far more than the $4 you paid for it in electricity scrutinising it so I'd live with the quirks and call them character ;) 

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