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COLOR: Fuji vs. Sigma Foveon


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I'm a color junky- And I'm most interested in the Fuji X-T3 Or any of their Medium format GFX cams like the 50S or that epic 100mp coming out... but I'm also very interested in the  Sigma Foveon cameras like the Sigma sd Quattro H

Two topics of interest...
When is the new full-frame Sigma Foveon Camera going to be released this year? And will it actually have a video mode as well as a crop mode for photos and or video to go back down to APS-C or H??
Does anyone have insider info on this... would really like to finally know this release day

Furthermore, has anyone done tests (and can post the results) of a comparison between a Fuji XT-3 (or GFX) to the Sigma Quattro H??
Any sort of comprehensive test to see the difference between the color rendition, accuracy, gamut, and dynamic range between Foveon and Eterna would be very interesting. Post links you know of!!

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In my experience, the Foveon sensors have out of this world detail. At small print sizes probably sharper than medium format. I mean amazing amazing detail. But the color rendering is very thin with heavy metamerism error. Some love the look. Some don't. Really have a love/hate relationship with the Foveon sensor. I'm guessing the Fuji has much better color performance, but it doesn't have the incredible crispness nor the unique look. 

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