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Which Lens

John Carty

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Well if you go 35mm lens wise you are really never be able to hand hold it very well. But if you ever wanted to go with another camera other than the OG BMPCC, 16mm would not work on other cameras. No easy out unless you are "rolling in the dough" as they say. Plus 16mm stuff is cheaper to buy.

There should be some good rigs around since the OG BMPCC is sort of out of favor. Lot of people used Anamorphic setups on them. But they are a m4/3 mount so the total rig would be a bit bulky. But the lens should be usable, and maybe they were using a adapter to get it to m4/3. You wouldn't need that.

Do you have the rods or done the rod hack on it?

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Thanks for the info, and no I do not have any rods for my camera. I am just really interested in shooting some 16mm film using a anamorphic lens just to see how good it would turn out. Are adapters easy enough to get for say a Sankor lens to a Nikon 50mm primes lens? or is the Nikon lens to small that it would probably give me some Vignetting?

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