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Smallhd focus and panasonic g80 16:9 ratio only

Martin Matěj

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Hey. Recently I bought the smallhd focus and it´s so great to finally clearly see what I am shooting and where I am focusing even in sunny conditions.

BUT when I also want to use it for photography due to using manual focus lenses and wanting to be sure about the focus I cannot switch the g80 to shoot in 4:3 or 3:2 ration. Only 16:9 output through hdmi it seems. 

My workaround is to just shoot those photos in 16:9 and the reset the crop on the raw photos in lightroom and I am back to 4:3 but it would be nice to see it 4:3 by default.

Do you know if it is any different for similar cameras like gh5, x-h1, x-t3, sonys etc.

thanks a lot

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I mean when I shoot video 16:9 is fine.

But when I want to shoot photos the 16:9 stays and I cannot toggle on 4:3 or 3:2 in camera so I have to take photos in 16:9 and then reset the crop on the RAW originals in lightroom.

So are you sure that with GH5 you can shoot 4:3 photos directly and view them in correct 4:3 ration on smallhd focus?

Thanks guys

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