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NX1 Shutter Curtain problem Error 01 (Fix)

Lotfi Kaz

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just heads up, my NX1 shutter curtain just failed, this is also called the first curtain or mechanical curtain, you'll get Error 01 or Error 101, the camera will turn on then off, you'll hear some noise inside. when you take  off the lense you can't see the sensor it'll be the shutter curtain stuck open.

The solution for me was to use my thumb and carefully close down the shutter curtain to reveal the sensor, I then went to the main menu and disabled it by chosing E-Shutter only.  The repair would have to be a new shutter curtain replaced however there are no parts anywhere. 

I advise everyone to only use E-shutter, this way to reduce fatigue on the mechanical shutter. lucky for me I only use the camera for video, therefore I can never take pictures again the camera would just freeze. 


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I believe E shutter is only available with native Samsung lenses.

I read through a DPR thread about it, and some people claim E shutter can introduce rolling shutter artifacts. https://***URL removed***/forums/thread/3784289#forum-post-55098816

However, I'm not sure that's the case since only the first curtain is electronic in the NX1's implementation. Usually rolling shutter is due to readout speed, and since the second shutter is mechanical you wouldn't necessarily have any issues there. I may try to dig out my only native lens and do some tests now that you mention it.

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