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ISCO Widescreen Attachment 2X DLP Projection lens


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I found this anamorphic adaptor and I would like to know if anyone have already truy to use it with camera.
I know It's big and really heavy (about 4.5Kg ?). But I plane tu use it on a tripod.
Technicaly is it possible to use such a lens for camera ? It should work as single focused ? It need transformation other than a special clamp to suport the weight ?

As the rear element is 85mm, I plane to use it with a wide angle (82mm front thread ) as taking lens. Is that going to work on a full frame ?




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6 hours ago, xaviermarysculpture said:

As the rear element is 85mm, I plane to use it with a wide angle (82mm front thread ) as taking lens. Is that going to work on a full frame ?



IMO, if you can use it with standard lens (50~58mm) on FF, you need to thank god. ?

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Hi Ken,

What's exactly the deal with this ? except how heavy it is. 

Sorry I don't have any experience (I just bought a small Proskar adaptor for doing first anamorphic tests)

Is this able to be used on a camera ? It will never give any good images ?

This can not been used as anamorphic adaptor on a wide angle taking lens, like (I think) other  Isco Widescreen Attachement ?

What can I expect from such a lens ?

Thank you for your advises

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I would encourage you to experiment with it, as I don't think you're going to find anyone with hands-on knowledge.  The size, weight, and cost of this Isco has probably deterred filmmakers  from using this model Isco as an anamorphic attachment.  You may very well be the first person on this forum to try it!

My guess is that the image quality is quite good. Because of the size of the glass, I suspect you will be able to user a wider taking lens than a typical 2x scope, and that it will work well with wide open apertures.

Of course rigging this thing will be a challenge, but don't let anyone's disdain for big scopes disgourage you from forging ahead - I would love to hear what results you get, please post your discoveries!


|. . | .|


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16 hours ago, xaviermarysculpture said:

Hi Whoisjsd,

I made a small mistake  on the title : this one is 1.9.
So this can be usefull ? It should worked as single focused ? 
You planed to put a large scale diopter in front ?

What was the price of the one you found ?


Is anybody know about the image quality of such a lens ?


This lens will most likely not be single focus. Single focus have a variable diopter design in the front which is not visible here.

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Thank you Bold for your encouragement.
And thanks dhessel for your advise.

I did sort of a test with my Nikon full frame camera,..and It doesn't looks like my dream :
Ofcourse the lens is big and heavy (about 6Kg). 
You can put taking lensas big as you want (rear element is about 100mm ). Wich is good if you want  to put modern wide angle lens, like I would like to truy.
But, because of the two pieces covering the front lens (making a square out of it), the lens is ok to 50mm on a FF. Under that you see the black from these.
Without these front hiding element, the adaptor should be no vignetting, even with a 20mm on a full frame !

Ps : It's a really bad, dummies test. As I'm really newbie without proper equipement. my girlfriend keeping the lens straight, as I was truying to put the camera in front.
Otherwise, even on these conditions, with bad allignement, the lens look to be single focused ( I have to focus my taking lens not totaly at infinity) and really sharp. 

 I'm still looking for a  sharp anamorphic adaptor, wich can be used with wide angle taking lens (maybe not that heavy ?)
Is there a lot of options ? 
- Iscorama 54 is the widest ? 
- Isco widescreen I and II can be used with wide angle ? It have less caracter than an iscorama ?( already 1.33 instead of 1.5)
- I also saw SLR magic is making a new 1.33 x 65 adaptor. Anybody have truy this ? Slr Magic is less sharp that Iscorama lens ? and less anamorphic caracter ?(also not  single focus)


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