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Ki Rin

Will Sony IBIS ever be as good as m43 IBIS?

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Off topic but THANKS!!!! to this thread and @ntblowz in particular.

I have had a Pentax Q for several years but it died after only a year or so.

It would power on but immediately bring up a dust removal message and power off and I put it down to a stabilizer issue (my K100d died permanently in a similar way but after a LOT more use).      Nothing I did would get it to work.        After a few months I sold off my lenses for it and some adapters and only kept the camera, battery and charger and two dumb adapters.      I have on a few occasions almost just thrown it (dunno why I didn't) when cleaning up my flat.      Otherwise, I just charge the battery every year or so

Anyway, thanks to this thread and @ntblowz posts, I got it out to check the area around the tiny sensor and blowed if I know but after trying a few more thousand times, I think I have got it to work.        This was never a main camera but it is a LOT of fun (using with lenses like an 85 1.2 and 3002.8 ETC and even a 50 f2 is very different).   

So at least for now I have a few years old almost mint in appearance Pentax Q to play with again (hopefully it wont go back to hibernation just yet).      Charging battery now and glad I kept a couple of adapters.

Oh and I am more convinced than ever that all else being equal, the smaller the sensor, the easier it is to get IBIS to work (less movement required, less effort to get it moving ETC).

EDIT Oh well, it is still doing it but I can at least take a photo now before it turns off so maybe some hope though still not really useable (yet).

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