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Best lightweight video head.. ?

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On 11/24/2020 at 10:02 PM, Amazeballs said:

You can just try to use a compact Gimbal (1 kg, like Webill S or new DJI ones) to do perfectly smooth pans. And besides.. you will have a gimbal 🙂

I was taking about using with very long focal lengths (for wildlife). It's not possible to use a gimbal with such lenses.


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I don't know what your payload is, but a few I've used that are under $200 and very good:

Benro S2Pro/S4 Pro (same goes for S6 Pro / S8 Pro, those just have higher payloads) - the S4 Pro is only $50 more than the 2 and worth it if you can

Acebil H805 and H20

Davis & Sanford FX13

If you can afford very nice ones, I use a Sachtler ACE XL, Miller DS-10, and Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 (also have an N8). I wouldn't call those particularly lightweight, though. And they're pricey.


And I don't know if you're looking but I'll shout out the best (imo) tripod legs for the money: Benro A373T ($206 at Adorama). I love those things and they are phenomenal - they'd be worth it for twice the price. They're not my primary legs on a serious shoot (they're back up or B-cam) but I use them when I need to work lighter in which case my Sachtler legs are just too much. They're 75mm bowl but you can buy a 75mm half ball adapter if you have any heads with a flat base.

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