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REDs run hotter in anamorphic mode?


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Has any one noticed with anamorphic mode that the REDs (specifically a Scarlet-W) are noiser than shooting spherical? As the DoP is arguing the case that the camera needs to "do more" (such as desqueezing the image for monitoring) when in anamorphic mode, thus why the camera is hotter/louder than usual and he can't make it quieter. 

I did want to try out normal vs anamorphic mode. But had no hands on time myself with the camera to figure it out. Plus there were only shooting anamorphic anyway, so would have made no difference over all. 

However, thought I'd start a thread here any way to gather more info of if others have experienced this as well?

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By a bit of a coincidence this was EXACTLY the same Scarlet Weapon as from my previous upload to my YT channel, as by chance it was the same DoP on this video. And this time around the Scarlet-W was silent (wasn't last time! Arrrgh), yay, great! I strongly suspect the reason for the difference was the fact we were not shooting in anamorphic this time around. (which is a lot of hard work for the camera to do, which makes the camera get hotter, thus making the fan spin faster)


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