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moment launches anamorphic lens for smartphones


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I just sold my Moon Dog Labs lens to someone on here who won't be mentioned LoL. Yeah it is close to the build of it no doubt. I know the Moon Dog Labs lens was pretty damn good on my iPhone 6s plus with the Filmic Pro app. Poor mans Anamorphic. Be interesting to see a side by side comparison down the road.

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I’m not convinced by the footage from their anamorphic lens. Honestly the Moondog Labs rendition looks much more pleasing to me. Even though I will concide that the attachment method on the Moment is preferable to Moondog’s proprietary design. And yes, I know they make a generic/universal version... but that thing requires a cage to be affixed securely... and I’m not willing to carry a huge cage with me all the time. So... no to that idea.

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