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Rode VideoMicPro deadcat shuffling sound problem -- fixes and model recommendations appreciated


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Haven't been using my bundled deadcat all that much previously, but currently shooting a project with a lot of outdoor components. It seems the el cheapo one I got doesn't attach well at all to the mic and created a shuffling noise in one interview I did when it slipped on the microphone. So, I'd appreciate help on two things:

- a model recommendation for a good deadcat for this mic (seems the original Rode one doesn't fit too well either and might create the same problems)

- possible fixes in post for the interview. I have the RX6 plug-ins at disposal and already applied a voice denoise one which helped a bit. But I'm not experienced with finetuning the filters so far, so perhaps some kind soul would like to point me in the right direction (I can provide the video link via PM).


P.S.: While we're at it, would you recommend following Rode's website description and using +20dB on the mic while dialing down mic input level when the mic is attached directly to the camera? (speaking for the GH5 here...)

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"Gaffer tape" is the answer to any question asked ever.

Ok, I might take this a little more seriously and give a longer answer: If the gaffer tape over the opening end of the deadcat doesn't keep it firmly in place to stop the deadcat slipping around, then try putting a few (3? 5?) O rings along the length of the VMP before pulling on the deadcat, this could increase the apparent diameter of the mic within the deadcat leading to a firm fit. 

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Not even with a   few strategically placed O rings?


Another factor, is some dead cats are designed to work on top of the foamie or and others have it built in. Perhaps yours is the first kind? If so then keep the foamie on underneath it while putting it on otherwise it will be waaaay too loose 

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