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WB with lens cap?

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Hi, in my UHD videos sometimes I can't make WB because I have not a sufficient free time. I use GH5 camera to shoot. Does anybody use a lens cap to do it?

I know there are some different lens caps on the market. If you use it, can you inform me if it works fine? I attach a link of one of them. Thanks


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I cut out a section of a grey paint sampler from a hardware store and stuck it on the inside of my lens cap for this purpose.  I'm yet to use it so can't speak for how effective it is.

I've previously verified that it's close to a neutral shade of grey by getting the whitest paint sampler I could (I grabbed a few and then using fixed exposure looked at which had the highest RGB values), I white balanced on that white paint sampler, then looked at the RGB values of a bunch of grey paint samplers and chose the 'shade' with the least colour in it.

For my style of shooting it should get me close enough..   just an idea about how to do it on a severe budget :)

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