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Hi, Peter,

In my parlance, patches are the pre-developed, tested parameters you can easily apply to the ptool program to create hacked firmware for the GH2. Most folks use the terms "patch" and "hack" pretty interchangeably.

Patches tend to have cool names like Intra-esting, Quantum, or Aquamotion. They can be easily loaded into the ptool program using the letter buttons at the bottom of the ptool window, and apply several new settings at one click. Many patches have been pretty well-tested, so you know what you will be getting!

Hope this helps! If anything is incorrect, please feel free to correct me!
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@crashandannie. As a beginner too, I was wondering if you can load all these patches or only some? For instance, I would like to experiment with 'flowmotion', 'timebuster' and 'Quantum 9'. Although the Personal View website is a wealth of information, it does not seem to be optimally organised for beginners in a way that explains in a simple chart form what every patch does and the corresponding optimal settings on the camera. Is there something like this available on that or this site?
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Hi, luminescence,

Since each patch affects the same basic parameters in the firmware, you can only use one at a time, and can only have one .bin file loaded on an SD card to do the firmware upgrade. I have taken several old SD cards (>1gig) and loaded a different version of the hacked firmware on each (as well as one with the unhacked v.1.1 firmware). Then I can switch them about depending on the situation.

Some patches of Andrew's and the FlowMotion patch have settings for several of the GH2 settings baked in, so you can adjust the Rec Quality menu setting and access various options, such as a lower Mbps.

Lots of clear information about the hack in general and some of the options can be found here:


as well as the new version of the FlowMotion patch for the new pTools version.

Be sure you try the EOSHD patches in the patch vault as well - some real gold there!

Hope this helps,
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