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  1. peterpix

    First video!

    5DMKII with 50 1.4.  [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhDwv1Hyf_U#ws]Morning Waltz on Star Island[/url]
  2. Does one hack a GH2 then apply a patch? Sorry confused (obviously) with these terms and what these adjustments do! Am a long-time still photographer trying to add a bit of video, but there is so much to learn!
  3. peterpix

    GH2 and E-M5

    THanks for the ideas!
  4. peterpix

    GH2 and E-M5

    GH2 can shoot at 24p, the new Olympus at 30p. Can they both be linked in a FCP file or does one have to somehow convert the 30p to 24p?
  5. Why of course! How silly of me.  Many thanks.
  6. Was shooting video last night with the  25 1.4. In stills mode the view looked  correct but when i switched to manual video the view was magnified?  Don't know if this is  problem or or an incorrect setting?
  7. Does PTools allow you to go back from 1.1 to 1.0 without probems?
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