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wide angles AND single focus AND 2x stretch?


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I'm very close to buying an iscorama (despite the outrageous cost).  My priorities are, in order:


1) single focus (either native or with an attachment)

2) capable of wide angles...  i'm thinking 50mm on full frame is wide enough for me.  With a full-frame 16x9 sensor and a final 2:40 aspect ratio, a 50mm taking lens has the equivalent FOV of a 37mm spherical lens, regardless of whether using a 1.5x or 2x anamorphic, due to cropping of the sides to get from 3.56:1 or 2.66:1 down to 2.40:1.  And a 37mm FOV on full-frame is pretty wide.  

3) 2x stretch (for the more exaggerated bokeh)


The iscorama ticks the first 2 boxes, but not the last.  I've rented one to play with an I'm pretty happy with it.  I also love how compact and simple it is.

As far as I can tell from reading these and other forums, there does not exist a lens (or setup) that ticks all 3 boxes unless you make the jump to proper (and very expensive) cinema anamorphics, most of which are also much bigger and heavier.  

A 2x lens + rectilux setup probably comes the closest, but it definitely vignettes with a 50mm taking lens, not to mention the added size and weight compared to the iscorama.  I've also read about the single-focus B&H lens that a user here modifies, but it seems to be even less friendly for wide angles.  

Before I pull the trigger on an iscorama, I just wanted to check in with this very helpful forum to make sure there's not some magic solution out there I'm missing, that would be single focus AND wide angle friendly AND 2x.

Thanks for reading!  


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Kowa B&H/16-H is the closest you're going to get. I can do 37mm on s35 with a Rangefinder (assuming 2.40:1 final ratio). That's darn close to 50mm equivalent. Remember, that's the vertical FOV. The horizontal is closer to 30 or 35mm equivalent. 

Or you buy these: http://www.fdtimes.com/2017/08/24/scorpio-full-frame-anamorphic-2x-lenses/

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WA adapters rarely work on anamorphic. There might.... MIGHT be a handful of the very big, very expensive ones that would work, but even then they’d only give you 25% wider at best, possibly worse. I’ve asked people much more knowledgeable about the intricacies of optics than I am, that is the feedback I got after lots of questions on different adapters. 


Another er approach is to ask, what you need that wide of a fov for anyway? Seriously, a 50mm can be wider by pulling back from the subject (and don’t forget the horizontal is 37mm). If you need wider than 37mm for a shot, it’s probably some sort of environmental establishing shot, in which case, you can shoot spherical and either use deep focus or an oval aperture mod on your lens. 


The Kowas are killer glass, and all they really need is a single focus adapter on front to be truly useable, just like an iscorama. Don’t pick one or the other because it is better/worse. Pick which one you like the look of better. I love my Kowa, but I’d also like to get a Moller, and (maybe some day) a 35mm LOMO square front. As you said, real Cinema lenses are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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3 hours ago, Caleb Genheimer said:

I love my Kowa, but I’d also like to get a Moller, and (maybe some day) a 35mm LOMO square front. As you said, real Cinema lenses are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Hi. Caleb! 

What taking lens are you using now with the Kowa? I am getting my best/sharp image with Konika-Hexanon 40mm.

I'm using rangefinder too, but dislike it kills all the beautifull flares and give the unpleasant blue ribbons flares (blobs).


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Thanks for the responses.  I ended up getting an Iscorama, because it made the most sense for what I'm looking for personally.  I also had a chance to test one out first, so I know I like the look.  Obviously the Kowa looks great too, and I have one that I'll use if the right project comes along.

As far as wide angles, I agree that a 37mm equivalent on FF is wide enough for 95% of shots I would need.  But on every project I inevitably find myself in a cramped interior space needing a 21 or 28mm lens in order to get a certain shot.  Small kitchens, cars, bathrooms, closets, etc.  An oval aperture mod/filter could defintely help those shots match a little better.  Is there a specific mod available for somethign like a Mir 10A, kind of like there is for the Helios?  Or is my best bet a generic filter I can attach?  If it's a filter with a black mask to create the oval, I think I might run into issues with vignetting on a lens that wide.


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