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Magic Lantern discover 2K raw DNG stream in live view on the 5D Mark III

Andrew Reid

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Just to clear some stuff up here:

1. Only about a 1920x1080 crop of each 2040x1428 file is the actually image, the rest is black bars.
(this is on the 5Ds, the others are different like the 6D seems to be less and 60D in 5x mode is "usable 2520x1080")

2. DNG is not debayered, I don't know about CHDK's DNG converter that Alex has implemented into Magic Lantern but I bet, like Abode CinemaDNG and DNG, it needs debayering in post.
"Images from most modern digital cameras need to be debayered to be viewed..."

3. Magic Lantern's YUV422 video recorder/silent pic is different then their new 14bit DNG RAW silent pics. (though they are both based on saving an image from the live view buffer)

4. H.264, YUV422 and HDMI are all debayered and interpolated in camera, that's why it is no longer RAW

5. Right now 14bit DNG can record a 1080p usable resolution at all frame rates (24p-60p) but only about 30 of these 5.09MB DNG files (142.7 MBs) can be written before the buffer to the CF or SD card fills (which is supposedly 150MB); that's 1 second for 24p-30p or half a second for 60p.

The answer seems to be in cropping the file down to just the usable image before sending to the card or/and adding some relatively light compression to get a stable 24p video. 1% said that he got up to 50 frames with a 720p resolution at 24fps which is the longest on record so far for 24p.

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I assume the 5DIII has a bigger buffer than the 5DII? Are these tests being done on 5DII or III?

Actually the 5D2 and 5D3 have the same buffer sizes but 5D3 supports UDMA 7 (1000x CF cards).  


They are currently preforming active tests on the 5D3, 5D2, 6D, 60D and 600D

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