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How to sqeeze Ursa Mini Pro Anamorphic in Final Cut Pro X

7 Lakes

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3 hours ago, 7 Lakes said:

Y - 50% looks too wide. The model looks a little bit too fat :) So, I'm wondering if there is a certain formula to count the exact percentage?

No formula, hence why I said "close too". These adapters are usually close to 2x stretch at infinity and then more like 1.8-1.9x closer up.

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33 minutes ago, 7 Lakes said:

Ok, so 2x should be 50% percent? What Y percentage should be with 1.9x or 1.8x ? And is it 2.39:1 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio with FM lens and Schneider ES Cinelux anamorphic?

Depends what res you shot it in... Yes 2x is 50%.

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He's a good cheat sheet for DCP sizes


You should be able to make a custom sized timeline - if you don't want black bars in a box.

Also, if you've been looking at squeezed footage it can look a bit weird when you de-squeeze. But more importantly, as someone has mentioned, the stretch factor can change slightly, since the x2 is taken from when the lens is at infinity - this tends to be a real problem with x2 anamorphics rather than say x1.5 etc.

The best way to know what you've got is to film a circle (on a piece of paper) and then de-squeeze it to your taste.

Doesn't matter how you filmed it, 16:9, 4:3 or 6:5 - you'll still end up de-squeezing it by the same factor.

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