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Quality Nikon F to Canon EF adapter

Calum MacPhail

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Hey all.

I've got a Nikon 80-200 2.8 (not the push pull) that sees little use as the NIKON F to EF adapter i have is too wobbly on it and cant support the weight properly.

Does anyone have any recomendations for a solid adapter that doesnt wiggle? Especially under the weight of the 80-200.

I've seen the REDROCK micro adapter advertised, but havent seen a great deal of info on it.

Any suggestions would be great.




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The leitax adapters are incredible. You can shim them so the lenses are as good as native mount. If you're shooting anamorphic and zero play and proper collimation are necessary, these are worth the price but they're REALLY expensive. 

I just use relatively cheap generic adapters from eBay (not the worst but certainly not even close the best) but I'll either use a FF or lens support to support the lens. They still have some give. I've heard good things about the Redrock adapters but I don't think you can shim them. So they work if you don't mind the focus marks being a bit of but if you're spending that kind of money maybe better to go leitax.

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I think have the same 80-200 Nikon 2.8 that you have and I got the Redrock Micro adaptors for mine -- works great. Total pain to put on, they're fixed into place with these tiny tiny tiny screws that require a lot of care not to lose, but once it's on it's rock solid. The 80-200 mounts on my C100m2 with no play at all. 

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