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Budget HDMI signal transmitter?

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It converts it to CAT5 so obviously its not wireless but it will do the trick for longer distances if you can live with the cable run.

I was looking at something like this one here when looking for cheaper alternatives to the Terradek encoders.

Its a bit of a different approach to what you want but it gets the same result and a bit more.

Its got a lot of flexibility to it as its a streaming encoder that can be set up locally to stream to an iPad or a cheap android box out to a tv if you want but can also stream directly to YouTube live, Facebook Live or any similar streaming service.

Its cheaper than even basic consumer wireless HDMI transmitters as well and I think it offers a lot of additional unctionality for the money and obviously its a fraction of the cost of the Terradek equivalents.

I can't vouch for it as I didn't end up buying one but have a snoop around and I'm sure you'll find some reviews for it or something similar



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