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Anybody used a Cinelux Projection anamorphic with original taking lens?


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As the title suggests, just wondering if anybody has used a Cinelux Projection anamorphic with the original taking lens?  


I realise that most people simply screw off the anamorphic and use another "taking" lens but would be curious what the original combination would be like?

You would be limited to shooting wide open right?  Then figure out how to attach it properly?

Other than that, could it work?  Or am I totally missing something here?


Thanks in advance!



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I did try it, you can attach it with a M42 adapter, M42 reverse ring, M42 Helicoid and Step up/down rings with a clamp.
You need the helicoid to be able to focus the system.
The only problem being that the "taking" lens is usually arount 75 or 90mm which isn't wide enough IMO. 
Here is a picture of the system (with a single focus solution) that I tried the idea with : https://goo.gl/photos/a5uBojn7vj2bR2HV6

Do try it, it is quite a fun experience ;) 

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