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Single Focus Isco anamorphicstore.com questions

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your prized Kowa B&H mods? i really wanted to ask you about those. really glad that you're working on them. i'm quite interested in those.

(just one hijacking question : how far do your mods take the desqueeze? from 2x at infinity to how much "compression loss" at near focus? 1.5x? more, less?)

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On 2/8/2018 at 12:06 PM, Bold said:

I do!  I will be selling it as soon as I finish building the website (which is taking a little longer than I hoped).  Some key differences between my design and the other guy's version:

  • Mine isn't made from ridiculous red 3D-printed plastic.  The housing is made from anodized black 6061 machined aluminum that I had commissioned.
  • I disassembled, degreased, and re-greased the helicoid with superior lubricant.
  • My mod includes my custom-built dual-bracket 15mm rail support clamp.
  • My mod doesn't require re-alignment when switching lenses.
  • I don't cut corners or try to hide anything. I make no secret that this mod wouldn't have been possible without the help from the good people on the EOSHD forums.  I make no secret that you can build this mod yourself (you can read my development thread here).
  • My mod is a turnkey solution - it doesn't require an overpriced, threadless 3D-printed lens clamp.
  • My mod will be selling for less than his. :glasses:

Side note: Like Carlo, I've also found John Barlow (Rectilux) very helpful and quick to respond.

I was browsnig for anamorphic and just read this. Has there been any development on your ideas above?

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8 hours ago, mirekti said:

I was browsnig for anamorphic and just read this. Has there been any development on your ideas above?

mirketi, I've finished building my website (complete with shopping cart) and I've shot some more test footage.  What remains is to edit the footage it to the website along with some product photos.

The mod itself is ready and available.  I'm offering the complete mod (lens included), a modification service (send me your B&H and I'll mod it), and a mod kit (do-it-yourself). PM me if you would like details, I'm hoping to launch the website next month.

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