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The "End" of traditional film processing?


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Inevitable. If analog film was the Titanic, the iceberg had already collided. Maybe you can still keep your balance and insist on taking a quiet walk on the upper deck despite the panic around you, but not for long.

I went down with analog photography, that was more than 15 years ago already. Back then, the professionals detested digital and stated they would never ever use it for serious work. This changed FAST. Like, one day the customer said, don't worry, you're going to handle my stuff forever, next day he said, your job is history.
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So it's left to Kodak then!


If you look at an issue of American Cinematographer, you'll see a huge proportion shot on Vision 3 still.


I really think they should have the sense to actually push for new ways to make film working up to date and less expensive, such as new cameras and digitisation methods, rather than just dumping it.

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