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D5200 and pink/purple flashing?


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I was out filming on my Nikon D5200 this morning. The camera is not that old, less than a month, and I have shot various bits of video on it. It has not been dropped or banged in any way.

Towards the end of one clip this morning it suddenly started giving this flashing purple effect that you can see in this video.


Initially I thought it was the LCD monitor, but obviously it wasn't. The temperature I was shooting in today was about 4 degrees C. When this problem occurred I was using a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens with VR switched on.

This issue happened about 10 mins into a number of clips I was filming today using that same lens. It just so happened I needed to change the lens after this shot anyway. So I switched to a Nikon 18-55mm VR lens and filmed for about another hour under the same circumstances.

The problem did not reoccur at any other point. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? I am out on a job in South Africa in just over a week and I was intending to take this as my low light DSLR. So I'm keen to identify any potential issues before I go.

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To me, the result in the video seems like it could be corrupt/missing info from color channels. If it is, that could be 1) corruption while writing video to memory card, 2) corruption while processing the video in-camera. 


So, my first step would be to find out if this can be reproduced with another brand of memory cards, or if it is just that one card.


Otherwise, it might be some hardware issue or firmware issue.

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Thanks. Just to clarify the problem occured whilst I was recording, ie I could see it on the LCD in real time. So I'm less inclined to think the card is the issue. I don't have any scheduled projects before my SA trip, so I guess I'd better go out and shoot something to see if it happens again.

Hope it's not hardware, this is my second D5200.
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