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Repairing Iscorama.

Tito Ferradans

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Hey guys,
A while back, I got an Iscorama 50mm m42 off ebay. It was rather cheap (compared with today's prices) and the seller was super-nice. When the lens arrived, I found out that it was pretty banged up (the front element has way too many cleaning marks, and the rear has a few scratches), but kept using it anyway. It has been modified for closer focus, and the front part can unscrew from the rest. The guy who did the job actually made a mess on the back of the glass, and it was very oily. I was able to remove the oil, but don't know what to do regarding the marks. They're so bad that any light source produces great haze on the image, and shooting daylight is almost impossible as contrast disappears. The rotation buttons are also stiff, and from time to time I fear it may stuck in a weird angle and I won't be able to use it anymore...
I tried to take some pictures showing the problem, but don't know if they're clear enough. Notice how the front element reflects the light.

Well, as the title says, I wanted to know about repairing it. I mean, can these marks be removed? The rear element is polishable? Does the word polishable exists? etc.


I thought about Alan, and that mod that changes the lens casing, but it might be out of my budget. Anyway, HELP!


Thanks a lot!

Regards from Brazil.

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First the good news


The front element is a spherical element. Which means it is easier to replace.

Looks like someone has tried to remove the coating using metal polish.


I suggest take it to an optician who can remove it, test it and tell you the prescription. Then buy an equivalent from Edmund Optical.


The rear element I have not seen, I suggest you shine light through and take photo for me to comment

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