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FS: Lomo NAS4-10 2/75mm OCT18/e-mount adapter


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Good Evening. I'm in searching for money needed for 4x anamorphic project of mine. And here i am selling my most valuable lens in collection:  LOMO NAS4-10 2/75mm (2x squeeze factor), with rails mount and OCT18/e-mount adapter - 4500 USD

It covers full-frame (not much of lomo anamorphic does this) and that's where its shining in my opinion. Its a nice universal prime for most cases: in terms of hFOV its like 40mm and still have a nice perspective and properties of 2/75. Which it have) I love to use taking lens by itself for photography (girl portrait in attachment), its great unique lens for FF and i had modified anamorphic attachment so it can be quicker to attach and easier to colibrate. Taking lens have 15 bladed aperture (no hard stops).

I shot a lot of lifestyles reportages/promo videos with a7s, some examples shot in 1080p:

https://vimeo.com/13376337  https://vimeo.com/132940435  (some backstage: https://pp.vk.me/c625420/v625420382/165a8/rPYJsQDX0VE.jpg )

also here some videos without web compression (see vid_gentlemen_life.mp4 for most actual footage - it was shot in 4K with Shogun): http://dropmefiles.com/jvXQ1

80-90% of these materials was shot with that lomo, as i said its very universal.

Housing have some scratches from screws, one of glasses have mark on it (maybe MC mark, dont know for sure, it doesn't affect the image so i dont touch it). Everything else is in great condition. Will give more photos of gear on request if needed.

Payment through paypal. Dont have an ebay account, the only international deal i had done - buying of rectilux cdna from Louis (he's on this forum to)

And here's some interesting fact about Lomo NAS and BAS: NAS have mechanical sync single focus and BAS - singlefocus based on diopter; that's why NAS have some breathing, but way better sharpness. Thats why f2 BAS even dont have that f2: it have lock on f2.8 to compensate soft from additional glasses.









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