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My experience with the DJI Osmo Pro X5 camera

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Will upload photos asap.


1.  balances immediately

2. interfaces with the follow focus seamlessly

3.  easy to use



1. video feed to my android smartphone looked terrible - choppy - unable to tell if footage was smooth or not and or bumpy.  Wish there was a hdmi output to like a smallhd monitor.

2. no way to shoot flat without lut.  so it's flat and you just don't really know - you are flying blind

3.  sensitivity of the camera is pretty low.  I didn't get to grade it yet, but I'd rate it around for my tastes 400 ISO.



I'm not going to buy it for now.  I think the gimbal war needs to be won with using a much better camera like the GH5.  Cracking that code.  Making it work as easily as the DJI Osmo, but with a great camera in it.  Who will step up and do it?  

I know.  Black magic camera.  

Why not, right?

They have a great little micro camera.  Now build around it and stabilize it.


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Thank you for this topic as I wanted to create one asking about this camera.

Sor far DJI has always fell on me and I m tired of their XXX = Bought a Ronin that barely worked, OSMO with X3 : Crappy Camera, Osmo Mobile : 4K problems and can't access video files if you do not have the Osmo mobile turned ON! (Each time I returned what I purchased after a week.

BUT... the Osmo was a really good Gimbal, the X3 Camera was crap. So I am really looking to get some nice feedback on the X5 before doing anything. The Osmo with a X5 is a nice combo, better and easier to carry around than my GH4 or GX7MKII and a Came TV Single for example. 

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