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The Story of Film: An Odyssey


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I was pleasantly surprised to find this documentary broadcast on SBS Television Australia.....at first I did not know anything about the production.....and then I found myself immersed in the content and Mark Cousins' presentation.......it runs for 15 hours :)


In the unlikely event you've not heard about this extraordinary documentary here is a link to the trailer.



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It might be that i've been studying film for 20yrs, but i found it very average & his voice just annoyed me (monotone & without expression).

Also, just when you thought he might go into a little bit more detail about a scene, he just opted for an off hand/uninformative comment instead of really explaining something/anything in the detail that i'd expect for a doc of this length.


The book that it was based on is slightly more interesting, but again there are far better books out there.


Basically, it was for people who know nothing about film - a light introduction, if you'd like, & from that point of view it did the job. 

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