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Thinking of going LOMO + adapter : which adapter is best ?

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Hi there,

Inspired by this blog and its beautiful organic vibey Lomo shots, I am considering buying Lomo lenses + the adapters.
There are 2 models : one that allows focusing from the adapter and another one that is "just" a metal barrel.

My question is : is it necessary to get the expensive one that allows focusing from the adapter ?
How does focusing feel on a Lomo lens ?

Thanks !

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Yes that adapter (which I co-designed) is necessary for the anamorphic LOMOs to focus.

However It took me over a year to get a usable LOMO that would do so!

It is a hard challenge and good ones are very rare.

Unless you have a lot of patience and find a good deal, go for an Iscorama instead. They are just... more practical.

One thing is for sure - the flare is better on the LOMOs - unbeatable in fact.

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