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How to shoot in 50p?

Grégory LEROY

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1/50th will give you a smoother look.  People tend to blurt out the 180 degree shutter rule, but that rule was invented for use when the playback speed was always between 24 and 30 fps.  Really it should be called the 1/48th to 1/60th rule.   If you shoot 1/50th at 50p you are still going to get the same amount of motion blur per frame as you do shooting 1/50th at 25p just with more frames.  I have to say I haven't done a lot of research on this myself, but basically any 50 or 60p video I see I HATE it because of its staccato look.  Which seems counter productive because you would think it would be smoother.  Perhaps it is just the look of high frame rate, but I suspect it is strongly related to the fast shutter speeds people are using when they follow a silly catch phrase 'rule' like lemmings.  I would do a few tests.  Shoot the same scene, maybe a person walking or a car going past, using both 1/50th ant 1/100th and see which one looks smoothest.

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